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No More War


The No More War Team is an unofficial SCI working group, supported by SCI Austria, SCI Germany and SCI Italy. In 2010, they initiated a world wide campaign to highlight SCI's values of anti-militarism and non-violence and also to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of SCI. Their activities in 2010 consisted of an international camp coordinators training hosted by SCI Germany, the production of a study toolkit on peace education, the organisation of No More War camps by SCI branches and partners all over the world and a seminar in Albania entitled "Can Pacifists Build Peace?" 




Members of No More War team 2010

John Myers

Matteo Testino

Jenny Kuhn

Lorena Xhagjika

Georg Adelmann

Wilbert Helsloot



The No More War Team can be reached at

No More War Team Blog


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